Astrology as a Powerful Story and a Conversation

I just ran across a great quote this morning, ” [Astrology] at best, merely provides a focus that allows therapy by conversation to proceed.”  This is truly my aim, and perhaps the only real claim astrology can make.  A good astrologer is actually just a really good listener and conversationalist who uses a language of symbols as jumping off points toward the conversation.   The only truth that exists is what gets exchanged between the astrologer and the client and is mutually agreed on to represent truth.

Symbols are  just that and only that = symbols.  Symbols are not “truth” in and of themselves. But, symbols can be quite powerful in life.

Perhaps, if all I deliver in a reading is a good conversation, if I have prompted a client to reflect on their life in new ways,  then I have done my job. I would be deeply satisfied with that.

I don’t pretend to have any psychic ability, nor do I believe that a chart has any special power in itself.   If my clients leave their time with me with new ideas or new perspective to chew on about their life, then astrology has succeeded in creating transformation, simply through art of conversation and the client has the decision-making power to believe what they choose to believe.  That transformation is enough and it could be a lot, depending on what the person decides to do with it.    The meaning of our life is merely the story we tell ourselves and the unfolding action in the drama. We can change that story at any point in the game through what we believe.  That is the potential of the art or craft of astrology in which I am interested – the power of the story we are telling ourselves and creating new ones that lead us to our highest goals in life.



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