Astrology Ted TALK

In this talk I really agree with the presenter’s content and message but I wish she would add something to it. It’s all about living with childlike wonder and getting connected in a world full of disconnect, but I doubt she will win many with this message alone.

I am probably like many who have a hard time getting past her airy voice and cosmic sounding style of speaking. I want astrology to gain greater acceptance, groundedness and respect and I’m totally on her side! We need more wonder and awe of the natural world.

Why do so many astrologers speak like poets or have that wispy, meditative sounding voice? It’s annoying really. I think a lot of people can’t get past it.

Where are the astrologers who are going to put in the science and provide the proof of correlation? We have the ability to analyze huge amounts of data. Now is the time to understand these available data sets and reveal that structure to more people who ask for that correlation evidence.

It’s hard not be impressed by the beauty, complexity and order of the cosmic framework when you study astrology and not wax poetic. I guess astrologers become like little children when they stare into the face of infinity. But, this hardened world full of disconnected, faithless wanderers craves and needs the proof. Give it to them and let them come to their own awe and wonder whatever way they will.

See what you think. But, if you are like me, you might struggle to turn off that judgement of her airy, star struck voice.  When you do see if you can hear the points she makes.

What are we waiting for? I say- bring the two together.

It’s about connectedness: the marriage of nature ( earth ) and the starry world, heaven. the heiros gamos or sacred marriage.

If we want company as astrologers we need our feet on the ground as we gaze up.

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