Holy Night Guide

The Guide to the Holy Nights is a nightly meditation guide using the planetary transits as an inspirational focus.

The guide began as my own navigation plan for getting through the holidays, for getting focused in my meditations and it began out of my own annual practice of journaling and meditation during the twelve holy nights.   I wanted to be able to work in alignment with the active forces present as mindfully as possible.  The guide is the collection of themes I choose to focus on in my meditative practice.

This will be the second year I have put together a guide. Last year’s guide used the images and the indicated saints from Willi Sucher’s guide as the inspirational focus. This year I used the active transits of the moon through the zodiac as the thematic inspiration for that day’s focus.

I create it for friends and family to enjoy and will happily gift it to pretty much anyone, I just would like to know who is reading it, so I can send you an updated one next year and keep track of my audience.    Nothing will happen to your email, it won’t be bought or sold.  You won’t receive junk mail or ads every day.

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