Coming Changes to the Astrosophy Research Center Website

This month I have recently begun volunteering as webmaster for the Astrosophy Research Center.  The Astrosophy Center is a non-profit 501 C, established in 1984.

This has been a long time in the making, as the board of the center has undergone some changes, with Jonathan Hilton stepping down as President in early 2019.  The center, located in Meadow Vista, Ca, just 45 minutes outside of Sacramento, will carry on the function of distributing printed books, while Jonathan pursues his own path with teaching and developing web courses on his own.  It will be my task to just keep the website going, and assist Darlys Turner with incoming book requests and inquiries for the time being.

I am grateful to get to know this work of Willi Sucher better and to help give back something in the way of service to continue to share this profound work with others by an inspired teacher. Though traffic at this site is minimal, I am still really happy to help and be involved.

Be on the look out for future changes to the Astrosophy Research Center website and let me know your feedback.  So far, I have not made any significant changes to it, but plans are being discussed.




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