Taking a Look Back

Here is a look back at the covers of the previous Holy Nights guides I have worked on, which all started as a purely selfish experiment that kept evolving.

For three years I tried different formats and styles, this year using short video clips on Instagram. I have tried to keep it succinct, feeling less is more.

There are different ways to display the charts, different charts to use (geocentric, heliocentric, tropical, sidereal), and an obvious need to simplify for non-astrologers. None of these have been easy problems to solve.

Choosing an overarching theme based on the transits alone can be difficult, since transits can mean such different things to different people. As is true with sun sign astrology, it becomes impossible to generalize and one has to turn to the natal chart in relation to the transits and progressions to get specific.

Yet, when I look at other guides to the Holy Nights, I am still not all that satisfied. Something big is missing. Perhaps I will continue to create and share a guide again in the future, but I am less and less convinced that I have the answer when it comes to these things. I am more certain we each have to find it for ourselves.

I have noticed more and more a desire to encourage others not to rely on anyone else’ prescriptions too much. We have a tendency in our culture to want a recipe, but we all have the means to unfold ourselves beautifully, if we just listen and respond with thoughtful action at the right time.

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