Book Review: Tuning the Human Biofield

Tuning the Human Biofield: Healing with Vibrational Sound Therapy by Eileen Day McKusick

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

If you want to learn more about sound healing this was a good resource. Author includes case studies and testimonials.

McKusick has a scientific mind and it comes through in her writing. She developed her own therapeutic method to using tuning forks as a healing modality, which she now offers through trainings, books, products, through her website and more.

I enjoyed reading her personal story of how she came to this. She went from working in her family restaurant business and needing serious physical healing, to taking up yoga and the healing arts as a vocation. Before reading it, I was mostly interested in music’s healing effect on the body. Chapter 7-9 covers what and how she works with the tuning forks.

After reading it, I am more intrigued and interested in how a single tone or sound frequency has an effect on the body and the science behind it. Connecting that to the ASTROLOGY is whole other side or piece that I have long been investigating now.

There are now even more questions in my mind about the subject. My biggest take-away was the idea that we cannot FORCE the body with healing. This is something that I am learning first hand as I nurture my first broken bone, and something that I am learning in other areas of my life too right now, as I work on some mentoring with Carlo Monsanto and IOLEE. This books reiterates that same message of not forcing things for me.

I went ahead and bought her next book, Electric Body and am continuing to learn about sound healing, music, what writers new and old have said about sound, music, astrology and healing and how these fields intersect.

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