spring equinox 2022

This year’s Spring Equinox will be Sunday, March 20, 2022 at 10:33 am. Neptune, Jupiter, Mercury and the Sun will all be in the sign of Pisces. The Piscean energy is a compassionate energy, shining a light on our sense of oneness with divine and our oneness with everyone and every thing.

Meanwhile, at the time of Equinox, we will have Gemini at zero degrees on the ascendant and Venus conjunct the midheaven at 13 Aquarius with Mars only three degrees away, conjunct at 10 Aquarius. Flanking both sides of the Mars/Venus conjunction are Pluto and Saturn. Pluto is at 28 Capricorn and Saturn at 20 Aquarius is a little closer to Venus. Several quintile aspects are giving opportunities for the creative.

Many people may be feeling a bit more connected to an image of the brotherhood of humanity, or a deeper sense of oneness, especially during this global conflict with Russian forces attacking the Ukraine. We might be viewing the struggles and hardships of this global situation as we watch it unfold in the media and sensing our humanity with more depth of compassion. We may all be feeling the need for action or want to help.

In the chart of the equinox, Mercury and Jupiter are conjunct at 17/18 Pisces. The Sabian symbols for both degrees have to do with communication and dissemination of information from someone learned and spiritual, like an evangelical or spiritual teacher, and/or teaching and learning from a spiritual “master.”

The world’s spiritual leaders have taken a stance on the current crisis. Pope Francis condemned the Russian invasion of Ukraine two days ago. There is also the element of the “media circus” in the Sabian Symbol for these degrees. The Dali Lama is quoted as saying, “Our world has become so interdependent that violent conflict between two countries inevitably impacts the rest of the world. War is out-dated – non-violence is the only way. We need to develop a sense of the oneness of humanity by considering other human beings as brothers and sisters. This is how we will build a more peaceful world.” See the Dali Lama’s message here.

As the title of a Wayne Dyer book states, “There’s a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem.” Avoid the media circus and be part of a spiritual solution. By setting aside some extra time for prayer, reflection and meditation, it may be possible to get more grounded, receive comfort, and needed inspiration during this Sunday’s equinox. Mars will be at 10 Aquarius, the Sabian Symbol for which is, “During a silent hour, a person receives a new inspiration which may change their life.” The only immediate action many of us may be able to take in the face of this situation is a spiritual one, but nonetheless, it may be the most effective. This Sunday, light a candle for peace, for the world, for Ukraine, and for yourself.

What is the Equinox?

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