The Journey Begins

Thanks for your interest!

We are in a  continual process of transformation.  This eclipse season has brought me to the deeper realization of my undeniable path towards becoming a life-long student and with any luck, also a teacher of astrology.  The acceptance of this realization has further led me to explore my desire to write, to move into the world of research, and to work one on one with others as a consultant, using astrology as a tool and pathway towards greater understanding of the self and spirit.

My interest lies in helping people connect to their own sense of personal spirituality, to help others understand and harmonize with the universal laws of the cosmic rhythms of life, to assist others in understanding their own story and aligning with their highest good in life.

I am blessed by the personal stories contained within each soul’s journey as it shows itself through life and a birth chart and to witness this transformation of understanding and perspective when one begins to work with its symbols.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton