A Bit of Poetry: Dance

I love this term, “Broken Open,” and was tickled to see it in this beautiful poem by Gina Puorro because I recently wrote a song with the title, Broke Open, and just performed it for the very first time this week in the raw for a live audience.  It was a small personal victory. It felt really good to express my creativity in this way after so many years of wanting to take my poems and turn them into songs and never giving myself the space and time to do it.  Finding this poem this morning really spoke to me. She reminds me of Hafiz or Rumi. If you like poetry, go check out her blog!

of earth & sky

I want to see you dance. Not the choreographed, lead and follow, booty shaking, I-know-this-is-what-you-like dance. Give me the the animal of your body, unhinged and clawing and flailing to the heartbeat of the earth until you summon the gods themselves to pour libations at your feet. The ecstatic unraveling that dismembers your shame, that wrings sweat and tears and regret from your skin and leaves you on your knees before the altar of your own body in exalted devotion.

I want to hear you sing. Not the perfectly pitched, silky smooth melody that pours out like a sweet lullaby song. Give me your cackling and moaning with a vibrato that rumbles the earth, that turns nectar into vinegar, that erupts the endless night sky from your mouth and echos with thunder and laughter and floods my senses. The diamond-edged heart song that cuts me open and fleshes out my…

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