Mercury’s Cazimi

Mercury forms its interior conjunction with the Sun in our geographic location of Tomball, TX at 9:01 am on August 1, 2021, which as I write this, will be tomorrow. I plan to be sitting in front of the sunrise again tomorrow morning, just sitting, sun bathing and meditating on life and love. I hope to keep doing this as often as my schedule allows. This free act act of meditating is empowering to me. I use the practice of heart rhythm meditation.

Since all of my children are currently at home, my house has been quite full this summer. It feels abundant and happy and yet there have been fewer times and spaces for the alone time which I thrive so much on. I am not complaining though. I will gladly give up my alone time for my three any day. We are all so seldom together in one place anymore so I am taking it in eagerly, knowing the alone time will come soon enough with as much heartache as it will with that essence of peace and quiet. Each of my children are in quite temporary states. One is visiting only for a few weeks, the other is staying temporarily for year or so to get on his feet, and the third who is still in high school has not yet polished her wings enough to leave home.

Meditating in the sunrise, I sit down on the park bench and it takes me a few minutes to trust my surroundings enough to close my eyes. Once I do I am still connected to the sounds around me, the birds and the cicadas. Then as the sun rises above the horizon and crests above the trees and the building which block its immediate view, the sunlight hits my closed eyelids. It lights up a dark orange-red color through the curtain of my closed eyelid skin. After one or two minutes, I adjust to the red curtain of sunlight on my eyes. The relaxation helps me board a kind of inner transporter. I am taken from the mundane and transported somewhere else in my being entirely. I began with 5 minutes the first day or two, then increased to 10 minutes, and by today I was up to 30 minutes. I skipped one day in the past ten days or so even in that short of time I missed it.

Mercury’s movements make me think of the story of Quetzcoatyl or the Egyptian God, Thoth, or the Greek Hermes. These have been filling my imagiantion as Mercury makes its cazimi tomorrow. Thoth is believed to be the original author of the Egyptian Book of the Dead, the first inventor or writing, magic, and all the Hermetic arts. Messenger of the Gods, Hermes was the wing-footed Greek version of the Mercury figure. Then there is Loki, the cunning and infamous Norse God! In western astrology, Mercury represents mental processing and communication by any means, speaking and writing. As Mercury crosses the heart of the sun, we might imagine him gathering up all the messages he is to deliver to all of us back here on this side of the veil. Be brave, stand in your truth and be ready to accept change and blessing.

By August 8th, we have the ignition of the “Lion’s Gate” Portal, “an annual cosmic alignment of Sirius, the brightest star in our sky, aligning perfectly with Orion’s Belt and the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt. Sirius is the star of abundance, creativity, and devotion. When it joins forces with the sun in Leo, for whom the portal is named, the energy to manifest, transform, and bring balance is increased exponentially.” I plan to dwell on my bigger creative dreams. It is Leo Season afterall; and the manifestation of good for myself and others whose lives I have had the privelege to touch matters. I think that any positive thoughts which bring abundance and peace are good. These positive energies are so dearly needed in these times of materialism and greed. Whatever the question, love is the answer. Growing the energy of the heart will create transformation for good.

Solar Eclipse to Occur Thursday, June 10th

The moon passes between the Earth and sun coming up on June 10, 2021. It is “eclipse season” at this time each year. The solar eclipse follows the lunar eclipse after two weeks.

This eclipse will be visible in Canada, Greenland, the Arctic Ocean and Siberia. To see a Nasa video model and maps of how this eclipse will unfold, visit this link. It will be partially visible for much of the rest of northeastern North America, Greenland, Northern Europe and northern Asia.

It is expected to last 3 minutes 51 seconds,” according to EarthSky.

The event will conclude around 6:29 a.m. ET.

Sun gazers are reminded to wear special solar eclipse glasses to protect your eyes while viewing the celestial phenomenon.

This is just one of two solar eclipses in 2021. A total solar eclipse will be visible on December 4.

A person should speak only of what he knows and  not make statements about something he does not know

With this quote, it is sort like…..”I know that I do not know.” I continue to feel certain that we just have to keep asking lots of questions and keep an open mind.

The great Rudolf Steiner Quotes Site

The opinion that there are limits to human cognition that cannot be overstepped, compelling man to stop short before an invisible world, must be replied to by saying that there can be no doubt about the impossibility of finding access to the invisible world with the kind of cognition referred to here. Whoever considers that form of cognition to be the only possible one cannot come to any other opinion than that the human being is denied access to a possibly existent higher world. 

Yet the following may also be stated. If it is possible to develop another kind of cognition, this then may well lead into the supersensible world. If this kind of cognition is considered to be impossible, then we reach a point of view from which all talk about a supersensible world appears as pure nonsense. From an impartial viewpoint, however, the only reason for such an…

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Realizing our Calling and Re-Humanizing our Education System

If you are a teacher, and you get a chance, pick up and read James Hillman’s On Soul, Character and Calling. In it he explains his “Acorn theory.”

In one interview Hillman commented, “It’s important to ask yourself, ‘How am I useful to others? What do people want from me?’ That may very well reveal what you are here for.”

For teachers, Hillman gives a reminder for why we may have gotten into the profession in the first place, namely, to place ourselves in the path of young people to help them develop their potential. It is a reminder to get down to what is real and have more humility. “We need to get back to trusting our emotional rapport with children, to seeing a child’s beauty and singling that child out. That’s how the mentor system works — you’re caught up in the fantasy of another person. Your imagination and theirs come together.” The image is of lighting fires.

Hillman in an interview: I think the first step is the realization that each of us has such a thing. (a calling) And then we must look back over our lives and look at some of the accidents and curiosities and oddities and troubles and sicknesses and begin to see more in those things than we saw before. It raises questions, so that when peculiar little accidents happen, you ask whether there is something else at work in your life. It doesn’t necessarily have to involve an out-of-body experience during surgery, or the sort of high-level magic that the new age hopes to press on us. It’s more a sensitivity, such as a person living in a tribal culture would have: the concept that there are other forces at work. A more reverential way of living.

That life of reverence is so closely tied to the work of teaching. I could not describe that better than Hillman and it makes me feel at peace about being a teacher who is studies the destiny question, or what Hillman calls the acorn theory. Teaching really is all about paying attention to the other human being, and developing a deep respect, love and curiosity for the mystery of another human being and the potential of their calling, helping them uncover that despite anything else, including: what your own picture of them might be as their teacher, or what you would wish to mold them into, or even what you might have them believe.

I would like to see our educational system become more reverential of the mystery of each person, and less rigid, prescriptive and injurious to the outliers who don’t fit the mold. Perhaps this can’t be implemented in a structural way, perhaps it is just something which must be shared from person to person. Either way – we should try to do it more in whatever ways we can.

It all leads to many more questions, like how do we teach in a way that is respectful to another person’s divine blueprint? We can’t cast or stamp out each person from the same mold, in a one-size-fits-all approach. We need to leave a certain part in freedom. This is where when it comes to standardized testing or standardized anything I have bones to pick. Our society is in its infancy in terms of our ability to develop human potential respectfully. This is where and why I wonder whether and how astrology and education intersect in fruitful ways.

On Thinking


‘In truly effective thinking the prime necessity is to liquidate judgments, regain an innocent eye, disentangle feelings, be curious and open-hearted.’ – Lippmann