Freeze Frame or heart hijack

Georgia O’Keefe -Red Hills and White Flower

Usually Christmas is one of the most profound and beautiful times of the whole year for me. I always look forward to extra time for writing, reflecting, journaling, reading, and a little baking, shopping, and spending time with family. I usually study the star charts for the holy nights and write about the astrology as a way to relax and be creative.

This year I studied the star charts early, during my Thanksgiving break. I thought by doing so that I would free up more time for relaxing and just being present. I was so glad I did that, but no amount of extra time could have prepared me.

To be completely blunt, it was one of the worst Christmases I’ve had in the past five years, henceforth to be called “the year my holidays were hijacked.” My son broke a bone in his wrist skateboarding that required emergency surgery on Christmas Day. We stood in the ER for hours while they dealt with patient after patient who arrived by ambulance. Probably twenty-five patients lined the halls of the ER at the time we arrived. Most of the cases were far more traumatic than ours: one severe motorcycle accident, another a pregnant mother who had been injured by car accident, a gun shot wound. On and on it went. From 8am on Christmas Eve until 1am Christmas Day we witnessed one trauma after another. A father of a young child was arrested and separated from his family. Real life dramas unfolded all around us. It was quieting, sobering, stunning, and shocking.

It may have been an everyday scene to the nursing staff, but to me it provided a rare and unexpected opportunity to witness Christmas in a whole new way I never experienced before. The staff worked diligently and patiently surrounded by the pain, struggle and drama. It was a scene of selfless service and crisis. The nurses were focused, and disciplined. I felt appreciative of their training, sacrifices and selflessness when I am sure they would have much rather been with their own families. By the time I got home, my appreciation for my blessings had increased tremendously. I felt I had been through a significant and humbling lesson. We still got to open our gifts by the tree that day. Thankfully, the gifts were not the main focus, but the love and togetherness we could share. The opening I felt in my heart was the real gift. Had I been willingly hijacked? Maybe.

The week following Christmas we traveled out of of state to visit family. My daughter and I shared a most memorable road trip on the way home. We began at an antique store in a small strip mall in Oklahoma City where we explored and shopped for nearly two hours. We each bought our little things. Then we stopped at Turner Falls near the Texas-Oklahoma border to take in a sunset as our bare toes walked through some waterfalls. I read to her all the way home and we talked and shared stories for hours to pass the time. She successfully navigated as a new driver through “the mixmaster” in Dallas for the first time. At sixteen years old, I know my time left with her at home is coming to a close. I also know the journey ahead may not be easiest part of the path, so I was grateful that we could fill up our emotional tanks as we emptied the fuel tank, mile after mile. The ugly part was that we brought home COVID. For the next four or five days the symptoms made their rounds through everyone in our house and took us out. And so it has been, that for much of January I have struggled to recover a sense of routine and normalcy as 2022 has rolled out. Now I can be a nurse to myself as I care for a stress fracture in my foot by wearing a stupid boot for the next eight weeks. Well, at least there was our road trip.

With all of the challenges of the holidays, I continue to reflect on one idea: the power of reframing things. Like Georgia O’Keefe’s keen photography and her ability to try different frames, or the Wayne Dyer saying, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

When we returned home, I went on a morning walk and found a penny someone left at the fountain near the Tomball Train Depot. It was New Year’s Day and I made a very important wish and tossed it into the fountain. I recommitted to a higher purpose or calling. In the end its about applying your faith and being present and aware to what you are focusing on, and continually adjusting your lens.

Taking a Look Back

Here is a look back at the covers of the previous Holy Nights guides I have worked on, which all started as a purely selfish experiment that kept evolving.

For three years I tried different formats and styles, this year using short video clips on Instagram. I have tried to keep it succinct, feeling less is more.

There are different ways to display the charts, different charts to use (geocentric, heliocentric, tropical, sidereal), and an obvious need to simplify for non-astrologers. None of these have been easy problems to solve.

Choosing an overarching theme based on the transits alone can be difficult, since transits can mean such different things to different people. As is true with sun sign astrology, it becomes impossible to generalize and one has to turn to the natal chart in relation to the transits and progressions to get specific.

Yet, when I look at other guides to the Holy Nights, I am still not all that satisfied. Something big is missing. Perhaps I will continue to create and share a guide again in the future, but I am less and less convinced that I have the answer when it comes to these things. I am more certain we each have to find it for ourselves.

I have noticed more and more a desire to encourage others not to rely on anyone else’ prescriptions too much. We have a tendency in our culture to want a recipe, but we all have the means to unfold ourselves beautifully, if we just listen and respond with thoughtful action at the right time.

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus 2021 and venus out of bounds

In the early hours of Friday morning we have the eclipse on November 19, 2021 at 27 Taurus.  The Moon is exalted in Taurus and Mars and Saturn are in rulership, with Mars opposing Uranus at 12 Taurus. Jupiter is square to Moon, Sun, and Mercury. Venus is trine Uranus at zero degrees.  It’s a curious and complex arrangement.   This eclipse is on the closing degrees of Taurus.  Even though the moon is exalted in Taurus, Venus is out of bounds and it is the ruler.  We should definitely expect the unexpected.

People with sensitive points in their natal charts at late degrees of of the Taurus-Scorpio axis, and early degrees of Gemini-Sagittarius will be influenced as will those at 12-13 degrees of Taurus-Scorpio where the Mars-Uranus are currently positioned.

Tower mentioned the January 2020 Pluto-Saturn conjunction.  A lot of people might confuse that conjunction with the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction in December of 2020, since  the latter was so visible to the naked eye and got more media hype. Don’t be confused. Remember, by January 2020 we were entering world wide pandemic.  By December 2020, we began to change from Trump whitehouse to Biden whitehouse following the election and January 2021, we had the storming of the Capitol.

In regard to Pluto, Rick Tarnas mentioned in a lecture I attended that the changes 2020 would bring would force America to come to terms with its own “dark night of the soul.” We are fully two years into it and I truly think this now an understatement.  I postulate that by the end of 2023 we may have much more perspective and clarity on what we have been birthing and burying.

We ended the holy nights last year with the storming of the Capitol and now we see the ring leader Jacob Chansley just received a sentence of 41 months in prison for his involvement right before the onset of the eclipse.  

Some people have asked me, “So when will all of this be over?” (“This” being Covid, and all of the consequences that it has brought with it.)  This question reveals an expectation or assumption that what we are currently experiencing is all just a passing phase.   I’ve told at least a few people that I thought things will start to look better in 2023, but in truth, I don’t believe we are ever going back.  Some, like Astrologer, Kaypacha, have equated this time to a birth canal. As we all know, there is no going back to the womb once that journey has begun.

Last Christmas during my study of the holy nights, I viewed Venus as being a significant mover and influencer for this whole year of 2021.   Some astrologers who have noticed a correlation between the dates of many of the George Floyd events and the significant turning points of the Venus cycle.  These correlations may have some merit. Could this be the dark night of the soul?  It’s that and more.

Limited resources this year have also been a major issue, as I mentioned in my School Year Forecast back in August, with supply chain delays causing major economic difficulties in many businesses and in people’s daily lives.  Prices have gone up dramatically and we are only in the mid degrees of Uranus in Taurus (Revolution in Resources).  Will see more revolutionary tendencies as it relates to our resources?  I think so.

From Astrology University’s Podcast titled, The Invitation to Descent with Saturn-Pluto and COVID-19, Laurence Hillman commented, “I would much rather see people take personal responsibility to think about what it is in their own psyche, in their own lives, that really needs to die …, (Scorpio being the sign of death and rebirth) where they can declutter not just their physical lives, but also their psyche.”  


November 19 3:57 AM EST

This is a seminal eclipse, the first in a series of eclipses in the sign pair of Taurus/Scorpio that will last through late 2023. While the nodes of the moon are still in the signs of Gemini/Sagittarius (as they have been since May 2020), we are now in a cusp phase where the symbolism of both Gemini/Sagittarius AND Taurus/Scorpio are playing out on center stage. The final Gemini/Sagittarius eclipse is on December 4- a total solar eclipse in Sagittarius. The nodes officially move into Taurus/Scorpio on January 18, 2022.

For a refresher on eclipses : they are new moons or full moons where the alignment between the sun, moon and earth is exact. In other words- an average new or full moon takes place when the earth and the luminaries (sun and moon) are not on the same plane. But during an eclipse, all 3…

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