Holy Nights

The Holy Nights are an incredibly special and sacred time of year. When worked with consciously, we enter into a kind of 12-day holograph for the year to come. Each day brings an opportunity to receive a preview or hear a message for the corresponding month in the year ahead. The stars hold guidance and wisdom for us as we make this annual journey inward. They also hold a reflective mirror up for us. Over the past five years I have worked with various holy nights guides published by authors both dead and living. I have been experimenting with finding my own truth while studying the transits and evolving my own way of working with this special time of year. I encourage anyone to experience this type of journey for themselves.

Rudolf Steiner has had a huge influence on my life and my understanding of the cosmos. He had much to say about the meaning of Christmas. You can read a fascinating lecture from Steiner about Christmas at the Rudolf Steiner Archives at https://rsarchive.org/Lectures/SignSymbols/19041219p01.html. All of his lectures are freely available on that site.

Each year I create a calendar of the transits that occur over the holy nights for that year using sidereal zodiac, sometimes tropical, and sometimes both. It has been evolving as my own understanding evolves. This year I laid it out exactly like our regular calendar for ease of use and focused on the sidereal view. I have done this with both tropical and sidereal views of the zodiac in the past.

This printer-friendly pdf version is available for sale for $12 to the public. See the link below to purchase. The below image is strictly the overview calendar. The complete calendar includes a chart for each day and analysis.

Holy Nights Calendar

Holy Night Calendar PDF (printer-friendly)

This 20-page pdf file includes the complete calendar or transits, astrological charts and interpretive descriptions of planetary activity for the dates of the Winter Solstice, the December 23rd New Moon, each of the 12 Holy Nights from December 24th-January 5th, and the Full Moon of January 6th. For each day, a list of the challenging and harmonious aspects is given with suggested activities and themes for contemplation. This is a printer-friendly version formatted for 8.5 X11 paper with white backgrounds on all pages. Emailed upon receipt of payment. (Allow up to 24-48 hours response time.)


Holy Nights transit Reading

Apply transits of the Holy Nights to your birth chart in a Holy Nights reading.

Holy Nights Reading

Examine your birth chart in relation to the transits of the twelve Holy Nights. Complete natal reading with Holy Nights transits added.