About Us

The image of an eagle embodies sharp focus, clarity and power. It is an image of honing in on one’s goals for the future. Eagles inspire to reach new heights, to spread our wings and fly, but also to bring a laser-like clarity and focus on our objectives.

I am a teacher first and foremost. I enjoy helping people understand new things and working with others from a growth mindset.

I began my astrological studies in 2015. My foundational coursework was with Kimberly McSherry of the Houston Astrological Society. Then, in the fall of 2020, I continued my studies with Meira Epstein of New York. In Februay 2021, I certified through NCGR-PAA, the National Council for Geocosmic Research and continue to study for additional certifications through the Professional Astrologers Alliance.

Prior to this, Waldorf training opened many doors for me in terms of understanding human development, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I trained and certified as a Waldorf teacher at Antioch University New England in 2011. Waldorf Education is a very healing form of education, embracing the arts and based on the esoteric educational philosophy of Rudolf Steiner. I had the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of many esoteric topics as well as artistic skills that I would have never encountered or developed on my own. I developed an appreciation and respect for Rudolf Steiner’s unique view of human development. The experience of teaching in a Waldorf community alongside many talented and dedicated people was both humbling and enriching.

Also through Waldorf teaching, I became acquainted with the cosmological work of Willi Sucher and Astrosophy, and this too left a significant impression on me, very different from western Astrology. I gradually began working with the 12 Holy Nights and for the past three years I created a “reflection plan,” which I have called a meditation guide. It combined the geocentric and heliocentric as well as tropical and siderreal charts and shared it as a gift with friends and family. I make it available for free to my email subscribers and on my website. It is my own interpretation of the lunar transits over the holy nights with themes for meditative focus and reflection for each day/night.

When I enter into a reading, it is a process of meditation and reflection on the person and their chart. Each time, I strive to connect with the benevolent spiritual guidance available. I see the natal chart as a tool that opens an entry point to that connection through our conversation.

I love the saying that “You are your own best astrologer,” and that is what I try to live out. Astrology to me is a beautiful language as well as a practical compass. I want to pass that compass on to others and teach people how to use it wisely and without obsessiveness. It is my hope and goal to provide readings that “teach you to fish,” rather than feed you one time.

Unlike a computer-generated report, a live reading is an interactive conversation between you and someone trained to translate the symbolic language. Together we work to uncover the mysteries of your own unique blueprint in the chart through that mindful conversation. What you do with that information in your life is up to you!

I am uniquely equipped as your translator to help you better understand the planetary cycles at work in your life.

Carpe Diem!