Natal Chart Reading

The natal chart is a story teller. What does your natal chart tell about you?

Take a guided and in-depth tour of your natal chart, a graphic representation of the overall positions of the celestial bodies in the sky at the time of your birth. Learn what each planet’s sign and house indicates. We will work together to discover important aspects which bring you challenge or ease and make meaningful connections to your biography. I offer a 60 minute or a 90 minute option. 90 minutes= $125 or 60 minutes =$90.
Includes: Pre-consultation questionnaire, written report, live in person or zoom/phone reading.


Natal-90 minute reading



Natal-60 minute reading


Natal Reading with Forecast

In this 2-part reading, we tour the natal chart, and then get an eagle eye view of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead through predictive techniques of progressions, transits, and solar arc charts.

Understand the long term cycles of the planets as well as the shorter term cycles that could impact you. Be alert to your unique opportunities and potential roadblocks to the achievement of your goals so you can plan and prepare in the best way possible.

Includes important transits and as well as progressions specific to you.

Natal Reading with Forecasting

Complete Natal Reading with Forecasting Transits and Progressions


fixed star report


Explore the fixed stars at the time of your birth and the meanings, strengths, and liabilities they imply to your overall horoscope.


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