Earth’s frenetic buzz of robust life

How can we achieve a balance between self-awareness and awareness of the world around us? There is the ordinary everyday life and there is life in the spiritual world, or spiritual truth, spiritual reality. This can also be considered in another way, as balance between self- awareness and that of another, or awareness between self and a group, or society as a whole. It seems this is a fundamental question we must resolve in the course of life. The battleground of the heart is fought on the pages of our calendars, where we give our time and attention. If we give too much attention to the mundane parts of life, then it can tend to lose its joy and meaning. If we devote our attention entirely to spiritual questions we may lose a grip on our closest and most endearing values, our relationships, or we may not manage our resources effectively or for the most benefit and enjoyment.

Isn’t it possible that the natural world is just as holy and just as sacred as the spiritual world?

One only has to plant a garden to consider this possibility.  The gardener marvels at his harvest.   He knows that he did not provide the rain, the sun, or the forces that make a seed sprout, nor the forces that make it bloom, grow, and reproduce.  All of those forces are inherent in creation itself. But a gardener does take part in this great dance. He does his part, observing his garden, observing the seasons.  He does his part to plant the seed, he tends it with his love and hard work and he reaps the reward of his dedication and hard work. This begins with observation and willingness to take part in the dance of creation and help it along.

It is a sublime lesson. The ordinary, simple and everything things in life are in fact quite spiritual. This then leads to an acceptance of ourselves and others.  Nothing is below us. Scrubbing the toilet is a necessary part of everyday life.  Changing a diaper, doing the dishes; these are all necessary.  We are all here to experience life from a certain angle or perspective which was provided at birth, and can be discovered in the birth chart, our astrological blueprint.

The intricacy of all living things, the manifold nature of the spiral teaches us!

We are doing a fabulously, wildly diverse job of experiencing life from billions of perspectives. An estimated 8 billion people all with unique perspectives, all inhabiting the planet at the same moment. Earth is teeming with human life, just bursting at the seams with it.  Humanity has probably never lived in a more frenetic time-space experience than now.  Our current times are a wildly robust. Appreciating that robustness of life with gratitude creates excitement for living. Understanding our unique perspectives and blueprints create more acceptance of self among diverse people from different times and places, something so greatly needed in our times.

Einstein told his son in a letter that carpentry was more important
that school because of what you could learn from it.

The Hidden Curriculum of Quarantine and the Start of Something New

Many people are getting the feeling that this quarantine has unique and potent curriculum for all of us.   Aside from forcing us to learn to live with a great deal of uncertainty, I am hearing more people talk about taking up new forms of exercise or meditation, or those who are dusting off their former hobbies, or new ones they are now finally exploring or discovering.  I am certainly in this category and I am a little embarrassed to admit that the teacher and introvert in me was sort of giddy at first.

A few months ago, after listening to some podcasts, I got curious to learn more about the Tarot. When I used to think of tarot I imagined the gypsy woman in a tent with crystal ball, laying out cards on a table and while dramatically telling people their futures to take their money.  I never thought of the tarot as something helpful, or particularly enlightened, nor had I ever considered its extensive history.  I could even say it reminded me of  the old toy eight-ball fortuneteller I had as a kid.   But I’ve known about the connection between Astrology and the Tarot for a while, I had simply never rolled up my sleeves and gotten down into it. I knew I was getting overdue for a primer.

Perhaps I was intuitively guided,  because several weeks before this whole virus thing even got started  I made a stop at Body, Mind, Soul Bookstore in Houston on my way home from an event on President’s Day in February.  BMS is one of the better tarot deck boxmetaphysical bookstores in Houston with beautiful crystals in a nicely arranged, trendy shop.  It is fun to explore and meander, so my daughter and I dropped in to do a little browsing.  While I was there, I purchased a Rider-Waitte Tarot deck.   When we were finished, we sat down to lunch at the taco joint next door, which by the way had amazing shrimp tacos, and I opened up the deck and unfolded the tiny instruction booklet.   I was shocked to see how many cards the deck contained and really had no clue what to do with it.  I realized, perhaps a little daunted, that this would  be a bit of a research project.  I put the cards back in the little, yellow metal box. I finished my shrimp taco and lemonade and drove home.  My normal daily responsibilities and routines resumed.  The deck of cards sat untouched on the shelf for a couple of weeks, though I knew one day I might be able to delve more into it.  “Perhaps, in the summer,” I thought to myself.  I didn’t worry about it.  But then it just so happened my research project would not have to wait very long.

Fast forward two weeks into March.  We discovered we would be at home from our schools and our jobs for quite an extended period of time for Coronavirus quarantine and the light bulb went off in me.  “Well, now I have some extra time to read, study and learn the Tarot!”

I decided to approach this study by making myself a handmade reference book with my own hand-drawn images of the Major Arcana deck to incorporate another hobby that has sat neglected, drawing with colored pencil.    It had been about two years since I had really used my colored pencils.  I got excited as I sat down with a beautiful, turquoise journal book that I had been saving.  The cover of it had a botanical imprint  and it had a bamboo spine.

journal tarot


Someone who knows I love to write gave it to me as a gift.  I really decided to relish this whole process as artistically as I could and steep myself in the symbols and the study.


high preistessIt turns out that what intrigues me the most about the tarot is the symbols, and that is what I love about astrology also. I love astrology for all of its clean mathematical relationships, the wonders of astronomy, and precision of the planetary cycles.  But the symbols themselves contain the essence of their wisdom in picture form.  The tarot combines that same mathematical quality with the power of symbols and the archetypes of story.  Now as I reflect on my research project of studying the tarot, it is rather like, “Where have you been all my life?”

So this is the start of something new, like taking French lessons or learning to cook Indian food and perhaps in my next segment about this I will give a little book report on the tarot.  I hope that you are faring well in the quarantine, and perhaps if are reading this, you too have unearthed some special hobbies or lessons for yourself in the hidden curriculum of quarantine.