Today’s, Oct. 22, 2022 Venus Cazimi in Libra is a powerful time for relationships. (Astroseek has a wonderful image for the Venus cycle. )

to find the Venus Star Point in your natal chart, look at the conjunction between the Sun and Venus that occurred before your birthday. Then, apply it to your chart (the aspects it makes to other planets and the house it falls in) to understand what your heart desires and yearns for.

I was born 8-9 days before a new Venus cazimi, so I had to go back quite a ways, almost the full length of the Venus cycle to get to the previous Venus conjunction. The Sabian Symbol was for 9 Leo at that point

This Symbol shows the relief, joy and motivation that can come from going through cold and difficult times, even dark struggles, and waking up to things being “sunnier”, warmer and full of promise. This is a time when the “air” (the newly awakened mind) is crisp and the “ground” (the refreshed and renewed body) readies itself for a new round of activity. The rewards may be transitory, so enjoy the good times and salute the more difficult periods as times of testing and learning. The nights may seem very long but there is always the reward of dawn as the sun rises again on a brand new day.
Refreshment after ‘the long night of the soul’. Dawn meditations bringing inspiration. Awakening energies signaling new beginnings. Changing emotions. Counseling.

Not letting go of difficult situations. Persisting with problems that have been solved. Feeling that the worst is going to happen all the time. Depression

My first thought was, “Well, this explains my fascination with getting up before sunrise and watching the light emerge.” (At first I looked to the inferior conjunction and then remembered that Venus has both an inferior and superior conjunction, so be careful that you are using the right conjunction if you are only using an ephemeris.) The inferior conjunction point had to do with “charming court life,” wealth and the finer things in life. This is not something that normally impresses me. I much prefer a simple life with ample reserve for the necessities, but I am not in favor of excess, which becomes its own prison.

Rails A Cafe at the Depot in Kerrville, Texas

This month I am facilitating a little study group with a Libra theme for friends who attended the New Astrology Emerging workshop in Boulder, CO at the StarHouse this past summer. There are about ten of us that have started meeting online once a month to keep our connection to this work growing.

In preparing for this study group, I am looking at the life of John Adams, our second President of the United States and one of the founding fathers of our country, who was a strong Libra born in October. (sidereal zodiac) Some sources say Oct 19, others Oct 30, 1735.

Not only did Adams have an incredible legal mind, he was masterful in keeping diplomatic relations with his wife, who kept him from sinking himself in public’s eye through her counsel and advice to him. John and Abigail had such an admirable, intellectual relationship for those times. He was not really cut out for the politics of the Presidency in the end, by many historians’ accounts, but he was instrumental in crafting the peace treaties that ended the revolutionary wars. Adams clearly respected his wife. His life was totally intertwined with the beginning of the revolution and he helped bring about its end. Interestingly, he was one of the only founding fathers of our country who never owned slaves. The transits to his natal chart during major historical events that occurred during his time in leadership are quite powerful and obvious.

Abigail Adams is a female figurehead every American should know about because I truly think that without her, Adams would not have risen to achieve the things that he did. This shows the power of Libra and relationships, whether marriage or diplomatic relations between countries and how a relationship can have a lasting impact on the whole world.

As astrologers discuss the Pluto return of the U.S., we can reap much inspiration from the biographies of these incredible people who lived through even more tumultuous times and achieved great things, people who truly had to endure difficult times, but who created new beginnings for generations of others that followed. Couldn’t we all use a little inspiration as we head into elections and the eclipses? Now go watch Hamilton or the series on John Adams’ life, or read their biographies and quitcherbitchin’about the state of the world!