Eagle Eye Astrology offers astrological instruction and in-depth consultations to help clients answer their deepest and most meaningful questions with clarity. Who am I? Where do I come from? Who are my ideal partners? Why am I here? What is my life mission?

Astrology can answer these and also some of the most everyday questions too. Should I take this job? Should I date this person? Should I plan that upcoming trip? Should I buy this car/house/computer?

Studying the stars also provides an on-going powerful lens through which to view one’s biography, including past, present, and future. Astrology can be a tool for healing in this sense. The sun, moon, planets, signs, and stars at the time of birth provide a meaningful connection to ancient mythological star wisdom that can guide and inspire one towards greater wholeness and self-acceptance. Astrology gives its students an opportunity to understand themselves in deep and meaningful ways that can reignite and re-inspire a sense of wonder and mystery in life and our role in it.

Private consultationS and Instruction

Eagle Eye is located in Tomball, Texas, the hometown with a heart, offering a variety of private readings ranging in price and length, by zoom or in-person, with our without forecasting, and astrological education. Appointments available on weekends and evenings only. See my events page for workshops and classes. To schedule your reading, Email me at LauraLee@EagleEyeAstrology.com, or request a reading online.