Astrological readings, writings, and education.

The mission of Eagle Eye Astrology is to help others discover or reconnect to their sense of wonder in and gratitude for their unique life story. 

On the day you were born, a brand new energy signature entered this plane of existence.

Your natal chart represents you in symbolic form: the guidance, truth, essence, mystery and energy signature that is unique to YOU, just like your unique fingerprint, voice, and retina!

Through understanding our natal chart we grow to understand ourselves and our story.

I strive for my readings to contain 4 T’s: Trust, 2-way Talk, Teaching, and Tools.

  1. The first T is TRUST. Confidentiality matters greatly to me first and foremost, and trust in my credentials and ability.

I provide a questionnaire before our reading with opportunity to ask questions and set goals before we start. I cast your chart, study it and generate a written report using the information you provide me in the questionnaire as my guide.

We schedule a time to meet in person, by zoom, or by phone which can be recorded if desired.

2. The second T is 2-Way TALK. A reading is intended to be a conversation between the reader and client with 2-way TALK.

“Relationship” by JD Hancock is licensed under CC BY 2.0

My job is to be a good listener and to READ and interpret the chart. The client must come prepared to talk and also to listen with an open mind. A natal chart reading can then become a storytelling session like no other. Together we have a conversation about your story and we must bring to it an intention to define what is evolving or changing in that story.

3. The third T is TEACH. If you are new to astrology, I TEACH you the important vocabulary and concepts you need to be your own astrologer so that you can begin to interpret the meaning for yourself. I explain the significant elements of your chart so that you walk away with an understanding of your astrological blueprint.

If this is the first time you have sought a reading, you might not be aware that charts can be moved forward or backward in time. By looking into past events, we may see repeating themes emerge which carry over into the present or future.

In addition to standard natal chart readings, there is forecasting. This is the next level or layer in a reading. By moving forward we can look at future cycles and anticipate the right timing for events and prepare. Astrological forecasting makes some informed projections based on predictable planetary cycles and how these looked with your chart in the past during significant events.

4. The fourth T is TOOLS. Lastly, we pack a TOOL bag of story and images to aide you in manifestation or healing.

Image and story can truly be harnessed for healing. When the time comes to look toward future goals, we incorporate two of the most powerful tools known to humanity which astrology puts right at our fingertips: story and image. I encourage creative visioning (or re-visioning), goal-setting, and whenever possible journaling and using story writing, the power of symbols, and the creation of sacred ceremonies.

Our human brains have evolved through these two tools and one could say we come hard-wired with them. Each of the twelve constellations of the zodiac and each planet is rich with story and image through thousands of years of universal wisdom and mythology across many cultures.

Symbols and images give us fuel to then do our own creative storytelling, reframing our life through new lenses. It is my motto that “When you change how you see, you change how you be.” Story and image are manifesting magnets for the state of being we truly desire and deserve. In this way, a reading becomes a quest for the image and/or story that will provide a focus for healing. And that’s the whole enchilada – the 4T’s: Trust, 2-way Talk, Teaching, and Tools.

There is wonder and beauty in every life story, re-discover yours from a higher perspective through your next reading with Eagle Eye Astrology.

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