So many people are searching for meaning, truth, and purpose in their lives. So many of us want to develop clarity about our life mission or we have other questions about our past, present, or future.

Studying the stars at the time of birth through the practice of Astrology provides an eagle’s eye view over the whole life story. The celestial bodies provide a connection to a rich reservoir of imagery and ancient mythology and wisdom, fueling the imagination, giving insight, clarity, and opportunity to understand the stories that have shaped our past and to imagine new stories that shape the future.


Eagle Eye is based in Tomball, Texas, a suburb of northwest Houston, and offers in depth and unique astrological readings, astrological forecasting, and personal and professional astrological consultation and education. The purpose and mission of Eagle Eye is to provide an eagle’s eye view of the natal chart, strengthening, and empowering clients with the vocabulary and tools to connect to mythological wisdom of the stars, and “to help others become their own best astrologer.”

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