The Great Conjunction of 2020

On Dec. 21, 2020, Jupiter and Saturn will be conjunct at 0 degrees Aquarius. (or Capricorn if you use the sidereal zodiac) This conjunction happens every 20 years and is called the Great Conjunction. This will be the first time in a long while that this conjunction has occurred in an air sign, because for the past 200 years it has been occurring in earth signs(by sidereal zodiac, it is still in an Earth sign.)  The 200 years prior to that, in water signs.

The Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction is an event we can witness with the naked eye in the sky this coming winter. The Asheville Astronomy Club put together a nice graphic About the Great Conjunction. 

Viewing the Great Conjunction in the Sky from Houston or adjust for any location.

For the past few months since Christmas I have been reading Willi Sucher’s Cosmology I. This I am only beginning to ingest, let alone to digest, but I will here summarize what I’m understanding so far about Great Conjunctions.

To provide some background, Jupiter has a 12 year cycle and Saturn an approximately 30 year cycle. These two planets make a triangle pattern in the sky, and the whole triangle rotates through the zodiac, moving a little further along with each 20-year period at the conjunction.

Jupiter has to do with thought, growth and the future.  Saturn has to do with structure, limits, memory and the past. When these two planets meet in their cyclical triangle pattern, one could say that it represents  a conversation between that which manifests in the physical world and that which the spiritual world ordains.  It is a meeting or a conference of “divine thought” and the physically manifesting powers.

Sucher relates the Great Conjunctions to the time of the Christ. The first conjunction during the time of Chirst took place at 7BC,  in the sign of Fishes and is related to the birth of Jesus.  The second conjunction in 14 AD took place in Archer and is related to the 12-year old Jesus in the temple, and the third conjunction at 34 AD in Lion relates to the conversion of St. Paul and his experience with the risen Christ.  The first is called the Shepherd stream, the second the King stream, and the third has to do with the Cosmic Christ. It is possible to follow through history, the events occurring in relation to the movements of these planets, and interpret the meaning of the themes of the Shepherd stream, the King Stream, and that of the Cosmic Christ.

From this, Sucher goes into a great deal more about the Christ and the planetary indications as history shows us which I hope I can summarize further. Suffice it to say, the years and events happening around  Great Conjunctions correlate through time.

Perhaps as we inch closer to this great conjunction in 2020 we are laying new foundations for the yet young century and the yet young millenium.  I suggest that with all of the heavy emphasis in Capricorn, that we take stock of our self-discipline in every realm and especially put discipline into our thinking.  Thoughts are things and what we think matters greatly for the future of humanity and for the reality we eventually manifest.

For additional anthroposophically-based reading on this subject- try Astrosophy.Com Article – The Great Conjunction. 


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