Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Striving?

As the Holy Nights have gotten underway I have been drawn to looking at the other various guides to the holy nights that are available this year.  I think it is great that more of these guides are appearing and becoming available and it gives me a greater opportunity to reflect on my own approach with the holy nights.  What started out for me as me just wanting to have a plan for the holy nights for myself has turned a little bit into an obsession, wanting to know what others are doing and how.

Some of the guides I have taken a look at include:

Inner Christmas by Lynn Jericho
Alan Thewless’ Guide to the Holy Nights
Peace Ripples Guide to the Holy Nights

I have also taken a peek at what the Anthroposophical Society has put together in the way of their Holy  Nights webinar offering this year.  For more info go to Holy Nights Webinar

Their pdf slideshow is colorful and artistic, full of great quotes and corresponding zodiacal relationships to the saints, the tones, the eurythmy gestures, and so on.  Great speakers are lined up for each night’s presentation, all representing different parts of the country, some from Dallas, some from Chicago, Nashville, Portland.  The offering is impressive, and it’s nice to see the society getting more into putting technology to use through using zoom conference calls.

I looked into Alan Thewless’ guide to the charts and it is certainly thorough and well put together also.  In reading all of these I feel more confirmed rather than contradicted in what I found just by using the tropical charts doing my own simple interpretations.

Thewless uses sidereal charts in both heliocentric and geocentric views, which is something I attempted to do last year with only novice understanding of it.  I felt quite out of my depth.  Thewless clearly has put a lot of time into his offering, so I do have respect for the amount of work and care that goes into these things and the experience he clearly brings to it.  He does his readers a favor by not explaining the complexity of the astrological techniques too much because if he did he would lose his audience pretty quickly, missing the point of all of this inner work by drawing us too much into the head trying to grapple with it.

We have some stressful times coming in 2020, even more so on the eve of 2021 in December 2020.  Much is uncertain and vital courage will certainly be needed by all of us for the times we live in.  If we chose or we were chosen for this moment to be alive, opportunities exist.  Whether we are in a good situation or a challenging one, opportunities exist for us to do what we came here to do.

I feel pretty certain we each have to come to our own questions and conclusions during the holy nights. It might help to look at the stars if that normally inspires you, but it might not be of help at all if you are someone who doesn’t normally follow the “sign” of the times.  Suddenly following it during the holy nights might be counterproductive in that situation and fear inducing.

I think it might be more important to just stay grounded in your sense of self, to trust your preferred ways of getting connected to yourself and your sources of inspiration and guidance.  We can then attempt to go about life and normal plans in a grounded way during these days.

I hope to achieve a humble groundedness but with extra attunement and listening at this special time. It is best just to remain open to the messages, to trust intuitions and guidance more than usual and just keep it simple, not get too pulled off into whims, mindlessness or reaction.

I’m also realizing that we don’t need to obsessively pour over the meaning of these transits or sit down and study religious images or texts for hours on end.  These forms of obsessiveness do not enlighten.  Do nothing to an extreme. At least, that is my approach, to conduct normal range of activities, but just have more respect for the inner intuitions and inner promptings than I usually do at this time.

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